Foamy in Animac Festival

Next Friday 20th February at  9h30 and 11hoo you could enjoy our stop motion animation shortfilm Foamy in The Power of imagination Session, in Animac Festival.
Besides, Citoplasmas will be there presenting the Bau Stop Motion Animation MA, the same day at 11h30 in the Market Pitch. More information in the MA blog
See you there!

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The shortfilm -Tides- in Ambulante Documentary Film Festival

The stop motion animation shortfilm Tides, part of Celestial Stories, directed by Irene Iborra and David Gautier, will be screened in Ambulante. We are happy that mexican children would enjoy our shortfilm in the biggest Documentary Film Festival in Mexico. Ambulante will be on tour from 29th January to 30th May 2015.
More info here!

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