Animated steaks

Last September we explained in this post than in Citoplasmas we were animating food. Now you can see the result: a funny story about the herbs and spices Gourmet Garden.

La Historia de Gourmet Garden from citoplasmas on Vimeo.
This steak is not the first animated in stop motion, of course. The most famous animated steak is [...]

Next sunday 15th, Esos días azules premiere.

Next sunday 15th March, at 12h a.m. it will  take place the première of the play Ces jours bleus/Esos días azules, in Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona. As we post before, Citoplasmas will make cut-out puppets from the wooden puppets who take part in the play.
We are really happy to be involved in this project!
More [...]

Pinscreen training workshop in Annecy Festival 2015

This workshop will take place in Annecy from 10th to 12th June 2015. It will be led by Michèle Lemieux who aims to introduce participants to the pinscreen technique and hopes to find one gifted person or more to produce an animated film using this object.
Applications must be submitted before 31st March 2015 (only available [...]

CLICK in Ull Nu Festival

Next Friday 6th March, the last Citoplasmas shortfilm, CLICK, will be screened in Ull Nu Festival. The animation projection will begin at 22h in the Centro de Congresos de Andorra la Vella. It’s free entry!

If you aren’t in Andorra next weekend, don’t worry, you can see this stop motion shortfilm here.

CLICK from citoplasmas on Vimeo.
El [...]

Rita and Luca Films debut!

Last sunday Citoplasmas was in the debut of Rita and Luca Films, a new children distribution film company from Barcelona.

Good luck for Rita and Luca and his really good films selection!
Here some photos

El domingo pasado, Citoplasmas estuvo en el estreno de Rita and Luca Films, una nueva distribuidora de cine para niños de [...]