Pinscreen training workshop in Annecy Festival 2015

This workshop will take place in Annecy from 10th to 12th June 2015. It will be led by Michèle Lemieux who aims to introduce participants to the pinscreen technique and hopes to find one gifted person or more to produce an animated film using this object.
Applications must be submitted before 31st March 2015 (only available [...]

Click in Los Angeles CA

Click will be screened October 24th in the Los Angeles Film School CA inside the Animayo 2014 best animation short films showcase.

Click podrá verse el 24 de Octubre en la Escuela de Cine de Los Angeles CA dentro de la muestra que organiza Animayo 2014 de los mejores cortos de animación.

Tim Allen in Citoplasmas Studio with El Meu Primer Festival

Click Lately the fish we have absorbed and leaves us very little time to blog. But from time to time, in cytoplasm, have views that we can not tell. As Tim Allen on the occasion of the First Festival Meu.
We have explained in a previous post that the stop motion animation short film Magic Piano [...]

New title: CLICK

Every time I have to face a script revision, a familiar earworm starts playing in my head: Julio Numhauser’s “Todo Cambia” poem, sung by Mercedes Sosa’s fiery voice. It seems to me that they are making fun of me, while I’m revising tens of thousand of words written in Courier 12 typeface. I consider that [...]

Latest news on materials for our next short film.

Yesterday we were again on the air in Cine Corto’s radio programme. There we explained broadly how is Citoplasmas‘ last stop motion short film production going on (entitled Impossible Taxonomy) , and how to prepare a production plan for an animated short film. Last weeks we suffered through tense discussions around a [...]

Welcome 2012 with Büro

After running for a few months, Sánchez-Cabezudo’s and Fuentes Reta’s play BÜRO comes back on stage. As you can remember, CITOPLASMAS produced some cut out animations for that brilliant theater play, that would be available again on January, 19th, 20th and 21st, in Kubik Theater (Madrid).

BÜRO is part of the MODERN MAN TRILOGY, along with CUBIC METER, [...]


We started 2012 animating and experimenting, two things we are crazy about!

The outcome is a small film to welcome New Year and to wish all of you a great 2012 against odds.

Happy 2012 – Citoplasmas from citoplasmas on Vimeo.
You can see some “making of” pictures here. Some numbers we used to produced the spot:
1 day [...]

Ciao, Ciao or Bye / Hello

These days we probably will see a lot of posts recapping 2011 year. Some are useful, because they allow us to draw our own conclussions before opening a new year. But we are not here going to review nothing from this passing year, but to remember one of Citoplasmas‘ best 2011 moments: our July stop [...]

Storyboard + animatic

Yesterday, 26th December, it was a very special Monday, Edu Cardoso’s radio programme “Monday in Short” in Fine Arts Circle of Madrid. We participated with a special section devoted to explain how to create an animated short film. This section was devoted yesterday to explain Storyboard and Animatic process, two key [...]

Christmas, snow, news …

We, CITOPLASMAS, would like to send you optimistic and enthusiastic waves in this beautiful season, wherever you are. The enthusiasm feeds the optimism and vice versa. If you constantly keep ballanced this perpetual motion machine, even the blackest black will seem a hopeful colour.

We are preparing a small piece-experiment-greetings to [...]

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