We wish you a huge 2016!

Hi everybody!
These last months we were reeeeally busy animating food, dinosaurs and other stuff.
But today, at Citoplasmas, we emerge from the set and we  wish you a fantastic 2016!

Setember begins with Click! in Directed by Women

Saturday 5th september, Citoplasmas‘ shortfilm CLICK will be screened in the event Directed by Women BCN MAD

At 19h30  in La Caldera BCN, we are going to present de film before the screening. If you want to discuss with us about our shortfilm, about cinema, about stop motion animation, or whatever … you are all invited to [...]

CLICK in La Beneficència, Valencia (Spain)

This summer, Citoplasmas Stop Motion Animation is very present in the city of Valencia. Last June, a documentary where we collaborated was in Cinema Jove Festival. And tomorrow 30th july at 22h30, our shortfilm CLICK will be in the shortfilm programme of La Beneficència (Thanks Marvin and Wayne!)

It’s free entry ! Enjoy!

“The man who would be Second” screened in Cinema Jove 15

In Citoplasmas we are really happy because the documentary “The man who would be Second”/ ” El hombre que quiso ser Segundo” by Ramón Alós is in the Cinema Jove Festival /19-26 june 2015.

It’s a very intriguing documentary about the great filmmaker Segundo de Chomón.  We have participated in this project making some stop motion [...]

Click in Madrid Shortfilm Week 2015 (this weekend!)

The stop motion shortfilm CLICK will be screened in the Madrid Shortfilm Week 2015. You can see it in the Little Dreamers section, with another brilliant children shortfilms. Here you can take a look to the schedule.
In Citoplasmas we are happy that our little animated fish gets the kids!

El cortometraje stop motion CLICK será proyectado [...]

Foamy in the Perpetuum Mobile Festival, Minsk

From 10th to 19th april, Foamy, the stop motion animation shortfilm by Citoplasmas, will be in the Perpetuum Mobile Festival. It is programmed in the Zen/Trash section.
In the image below, you can see that the three main characters  are really happy about this selection.
PS: Kinetic rigs made the animation easier

Del 10 al 19 [...]

Animated steaks

Last September we explained in this post than in Citoplasmas we were animating food. Now you can see the result: a funny story about the herbs and spices Gourmet Garden.

La Historia de Gourmet Garden from citoplasmas on Vimeo.
This steak is not the first animated in stop motion, of course. The most famous animated steak is [...]

Next sunday 15th, Esos días azules premiere.

Next sunday 15th March, at 12h a.m. it will  take place the première of the play Ces jours bleus/Esos días azules, in Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona. As we post before, Citoplasmas will make cut-out puppets from the wooden puppets who take part in the play.
We are really happy to be involved in this project!
More [...]

CLICK in Ull Nu Festival

Next Friday 6th March, the last Citoplasmas shortfilm, CLICK, will be screened in Ull Nu Festival. The animation projection will begin at 22h in the Centro de Congresos de Andorra la Vella. It’s free entry!

If you aren’t in Andorra next weekend, don’t worry, you can see this stop motion shortfilm here.

CLICK from citoplasmas on Vimeo.
El [...]

Foamy in Animac Festival

Next Friday 20th February at  9h30 and 11hoo you could enjoy our stop motion animation shortfilm Foamy in The Power of imagination Session, in Animac Festival.
Besides, Citoplasmas will be there presenting the Bau Stop Motion Animation MA, the same day at 11h30 in the Market Pitch. More information in the MA blog
See you there!

El próximo [...]

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